Beauty Calculator: Evaluate Facial Beauty Scores

Upload your photos to our Beauty Calculator and receive a comprehensive facial analysis based on facial landmarks. Our sophisticated tool assesses key metrics such as eye distance, nose length, and mouth width ratios, providing a detailed beauty score. Understand the aesthetic proportions of your face with our advanced beauty analyzer.

Only supports PNG, JPEG, and JPG formats

Discover Your Facial Beauty with Beauty Calculator

Explore the power of facial analysis

With Beauty Calculator, effortlessly analyze facial landmarks and receive precise beauty scores without any expertise.

Facial Beauty Analysis

Beauty Calculator allows you to upload your photos for detailed facial landmark detection and beauty scoring.

Evaluate Your Features

Utilizing advanced algorithms, Beauty Calculator provides insights into facial proportions, symmetry, and aesthetic balance to assess your beauty profile.

Swift Analysis

Beauty Calculator delivers quick results, instantly analyzing facial features to provide accurate beauty scores, optimizing your beauty assessment experience.

Intuitive Interface

Featuring a user-friendly design, Beauty Calculator ensures seamless image upload and analysis, simplifying your journey to understanding facial beauty.

Experience the future of facial analysis

Discover the capabilities of Beauty Calculator, a tool that accurately detects facial landmarks and assigns beauty scores.

How does the Beauty Calculator work

3 easy steps

To use the Beauty Calculator, follow these simple steps:


Upload the Image:

  • Navigate to the Beauty Calculator tool on our website.
  • Click the 'Upload Image' button and select the image you want to analyze from your device.


Analyze the Image:

  • Once the image is uploaded, the Beauty Calculator will begin analyzing it. This process involves examining various attributes and patterns within the image.


Receive the Results:

  • After the analysis is complete, the Beauty Calculator will provide you with the results, indicating your beauty score.

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